Me Too

I wanted your company, but not in that way.
You took advantage, thought I’d be an easy lay.

Not even at my weakest would that be alright.
I blame myself for not putting up a better fight.

You pulled me close and massaged my breasts.
You reached for my buttons to get me undressed.

You struggled to do so as I pushed you away.
I told you no but you persistently disobeyed.

You held me down forcing your face against mine.
I told you I was in pain but you crossed the line.

One hand on my shirt and the other on my pants.
As you pulled at them I tightened my grasp.

You tried removing my clothes with your teeth.
Anything possible just to see underneath.

You were determined, but so was I.
You just kept laughing and I still don’t know why.

At times I squirmed free but you were like quicksand.
You’d pull me to the ground every time I tried to stand.

You kissed my neck as I dazed off into space.
I wondered if this was real life, or some other place.

You carried me to the bed and continued the same fight.
My shirt became stretched so I gripped my pants tight.

You removed my shirt and unhooked my bra.
You let up your force so I tried again to withdraw.

You tossed my bra across the room when I tried to redress.
You unbuttoned my pants and began to caress.

You said I just wanted fun, that I wanted this.
I felt hopeless and weak, complete paralysis.

You forced your fingers inside me and it felt rough.
It felt like intrusion but for you that wasn’t enough.

You licked me, rotating your tongue and your finger.
I tossed and told you no yet you continued to linger.

I felt something different, I felt something warm.
I reached down and noticed you trying to perform.

You kept trying to enter but that fueled my fire.
I fought harder and I screamed to kill your desire.

As if nothing happened, you rolled beside me to sleep.
Restless and broken I couldn’t help but to weep.

I feel so dirty and I can’t seem to get clean.
Last thing I want is another man in-between.

You’re not phased, I know, but I’m hanging by a thread.
I’m left with bruises and a movie of this night in my head.

I experienced something that too many go through.
Men like you are the reason that I stand by “Me Too.”

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